Valentine’s Day Cake!

February 13, 2012

Hi!!  I figured I’d better post this in advance of Tuesday, just in case you’re feeling inclined towards a project!  Sorry it wasn’t sooner; I’ve been pretty caught up with Valentine’s Day work at Flour (ha, and check this out)!

This cake is actually really easy, baking-wise.  You just need a few core recipes, all of which can be made in advance, and then the time to carve, assemble, and bite your nails pre-slicing.  I made essentially the same cake over Easter last spring, swap the egg for a heart, vanilla for red velvet!

Here’s the list of my favorite recipes that I used!  Good luck and enjoy!!

1x recipe red velvet cake or cupcakes (I used this one from my last post, and while delicious, it was a bit too delicate for its role here and resulted in the heart mixture being really soft.  I’d recommend using another recipe that’s a bit more substantial (no cake flour, less oil)…or just use a mix, which wouldn’t be as heartbreaking to take a fork to)

1x recipe cream cheese frosting (I like this one)

2x recipe vanilla layer cake (here’s my absolute favorite!)

2x recipe vanilla frosting (I’m obviously partial to magic)

Annnnd then I went with a raspberry curd from this recipe’s filling for the final touch!

– Directions –

1) Bake the red velvet cake or cupcakes, let cool and then frost with cream cheese frosting. …then take a fork and mash it all up together!

2) Bake the vanilla cakes, to have a total of 4 9-inch cakes.  Once cooled, be sure to level each of the cakes carefully.

3) Make the vanilla frosting.  Frost the cakes so you end up with two, 2 layer cakes.  At this point, freeze for a few hours so that carving will be easier.

4) Take one of the layer cakes out of the freezer, and place it on your serving platter.  Using a ruler and protracter, score a circle on the top middle of the cake.  Then, carve the bottom half of the heart into these layers.  I used a very sharp serrated knife with a finely pointed tip to insert at an angle somewhere along the scored circle, and then slowly and carefully pulled it around the rest of the circle.  Be sure to keep the tip in place!

5) Take the next layer cake out of the freezer, and using the same measurements as with the previous layer, score a circle on the top middle of the cake.  What worked best for me was to then carve a tunnel of sorts within the perameters of the circle, and then to whittle down the middle to form the point that will be the top indent of the heart.  It’ll end up looking like a pointed island surrounded by a circlular moat.

6) Take the red velvet mash and pack it gently but firmly into the bottom of the heart, and then into the top (be especially careful here, as you don’t want to mess up the tip!).  And thennnnnn, there’s really not a good way to get the top onto the base…I placed one hand on the red velvet circle and then flipped it quickly and carefully into place!

7) Coat the four layered cake with a vanilla frosting crumb coat, and then pop it in the fridge for at least half an hour before frosting with the final coat.  And then, either pipe borders or do what I did, which was to pour raspberry curd directly onto the top of the cake, and let run down the sides.  (next time I’d probably go more slowly on the pouring, and try not to have any run-over…or find a different, less runny curd recipe!)

(adapted from here)

Also, let me just say that…while this cake makes an impressive presentation, it’s even more fun to make WITH your Valentine.  Especially if they’re anything like Will, who will make you laugh when you start getting completely off-your-rocker OCD.  And then hand you another drink before stepping in to center your measurements.  Annnnnd basically just make everything more fun.

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